Bike Riding

Three ways of getting good advantages with bikes!

Bikes are one specific kind of vehicle that doesn’t include any mechanical engine to move. One particular vehicle wanted a fair amount of power from your side to move the bikes from one place to another. It includes two pedals and a chain, and two tires, which helps you move the bikes with extra convenience and with less power of your legs.

There are so many useful online and offline market sources available globally, which offers a variety of bicycles to all those who wanted to get the same kind of thing according to their likings. You need to visit all the specific offline and online market sources with your laptop and mobile phone to buy the same bicycle straight away from your home with massive discounts.

Although apart from the specific things about the bikes you also need to get the things that will help you get significant advantages from the same bikes that you can’t get with the regular use of petrol cars and motorcycles.

Good for health

If you want to get a fair amount of health standards in your day-to-day life, then you must have a good time over the bikes over the specific road so the local town. In addition to that, if you need it, you should check out new jersey addiction resources. Many persons exist who face some particular diseases like cardiac disease, joint problems, muscle problems, and so on.

So you must regularly use bicycles to become a fit person and remove some elements from your body, which also affects your regular work in the multinational companies. It is not easy for every person to work correctly in the officers when facing some particular diseases. To support your health further, you might want to check the vitamins and supplements available at Canada Pharmacy. It is always advisable for you to take good advantages of the regular use of bicycles, which also helps you save your virtual money, which you always waste above the specific medical treatments.

Nice refreshment

Riding bicycles also provide you a fair amount of refreshment which you can’t get while driving heavy vehicles like cars and motorcycles. Bicycles are one particular vehicle that allows you to interact with other people on the way of your journey, where you can stop the vehicle anywhere anytime with your liking without the tension of losing fuel efficiency. Another way to unwind is by playing a chill casino and sports betting games via วิธีเล่นบาคาร่า UFABET. Not only will it help you relax, it will also give you the opportunity to win money.

You can also gather some persons to increase your amount of fun riding bicycles on the specific roads of the local town. Riding bicycles in the group increase the tremendous amount of fun with you always Desire as a person suffering from regular stress.

No age limit

Another advantage you get with bicycles’ help is that there is no specific age limit you need to possess to become a bike rider. Almost every country allows its people to ride bicycles according to their liking and convenience, which is always a good thing for all those children who want to explore some parts of the local town almost exclusively.

Finally, I can say that all the above things give you some points of getting an advantage with bicycles in your regular life.

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On Nut night market, Bangkok, and now sadly closed!


For 3 months this year I went to On Nut night market Bangkok just about every night for something to eat and for something to drink, beer that is or the occasional cocktail! Some may say, it was a bit of dump, they would be right, some may say, it was full of piss heads and they would be right! Before even thinking about going to Bangkok however, you should make sure you install a GPS tracker on yourself to keep track of your location and be safe. But On Nut night market had a character of its own, a kind of basic stripped down charm with cheap tasty food, cheap beer and local girls to chat up or meet on a date. There are lots of Bangkok Night Markets and this was one of them!

So, what was the night market, well, without stating the obvious, it was a market that opened in the evening. It was located in Bangkok’s On Nut district, opposite On Nut BTS station. some of the food stalls opened about 4pm and the bars from 5pm, the official closing time was midnight. I say the official closing time, because the latest I stopped drinking and left was 4am on a Tuesday!


The On Nut night market had been around for about 5 years in On Nut, I do vaguely remember going there in 2011 when it was an open air market. It was a bit of a dump to be honest, when it rained, it flooded, when the lights went out, the big rats come out. I have never seen so rats in one place, the furry things nearly run over my feet several times, don’t you just hate a furry rat!

Outside of the market

The cheap bar, 100 baht

The cheap bar

The cheap bar


Lets talk about beer, well, it was cheap, but there are cheaper places to get pissed in BKK. A large 660ml bottle of Leo was 110 or 100 baht, vodka/red bull 140 baht and my favourite drink was the long island iced tea fromThe Cocktail bar for 160 baht. Those long island iced teas were superb, 5 big shots of alcohol with a slight dash of coke, I still can taste them now at On Nut night market.

Food stalls

The middle bar

Food stalls

For the band


The food was pretty good too, kuay teeow gai (chicken noodle soup) was 40 baht and tasted aroi mak mak, the khao pad gai (chicken fried rice) was also aroi for 40 baht. The array of choice for food was simply fantastic, Thai, Japanese and Western dishes, all served up to midnight. I spent many a night eating at the On Nut night market, followed by lots of beer of course.

The middle bar

The middle bar

The 5 baht toilet

The clientele

How about the clientele, well, it was not like the sleazy bars of Nana or Patpong, I don’t class Cowboy as sleazy ha ha. Or even like the ex-pat bars along the Sukhumvit, these are normally filled with farang workers who have too much cash to spend on beer and birds! The typical sex-pat didn’t find much joy at On Nut night market, no naked girls for a start, although I did see a Japanese man wearing a Britney Spears “hit me baby one more time” uniform…

The cocktail bar

The cocktail bar

The cocktail bar

Food stalls

It was not a Go Go bar

So, no dancing-girls, no air con (that was a major drawback), no hookers, well, maybe a few, a disgusting 5 baht a piss toilet, not good if you have the runs using a squat toilet you know! The positive points, cheap beer and cheap food, a good mix of Thai and farang to chat to, a 10 minute walk from where I was living and next to the BTS if you fancied watching some naked ladies in Cowboy!

Food stalls

The cocktail bar

The cocktail bar

What’s next

The On Nut night market closed on Friday 17th October 2015 and my last night there was 29th July 2015, bit of a late night, drinking Leo, long island iced teas and some shots until 3.45am. There is another night market in Phra Khanong called the W District, which I never visited, so, that is something to do next time when I’m in BKK. Talad Rod Fai (the train market) is a 10 minute taxi ride from On Nut and there is about 20 bars to choose from, as opposed to On Nut night markets 4 bars, but is only open at the weekend.

Food stalls

Outside, Sukhumvit

Outside, Sukhumvit

I did meet some interesting characters at the night market, one of them I cannot mention, very dodgy indeed, but a nice chap all the same. I also used On Nut night market as a meeting point for my dates, I think I met 7 Thai girls and 1 Filipino at the On Nut night market, it pays to be a cheap charlie you know! If you know of any good night markets in Bangkok, then please let me know? It wasn’t ideal, but time moves on and the area is scheduled for a condo block or shops. It was the Best Night Market in Bangkok!

The end bit of On Nut night market

Have you visited On Nut night market before? If you have let me know what you think and comment below? Or maybe just leave a comment if you did not and you just want to say hello…


Strategies For Traveling To Singapore

Before obtaining your passport or other documents you must obtain a Singapore Passport which is valid for a period of one year from the time of entry. You might need to upgrade your passport before your departure. You have to obtain at least one more Singapore Passport once you reach Singapore, since you might need another one to exit Singapore for another nation. However, a Singapore Passport is sufficient for a visit to the country. Other than that, there are no special requirements for obtaining a Passport to Singapore.

The country has an easy going and welcoming culture. The folks speak English, Mandarin and a couple of phrases in Tagalog. The nation offers a wide array of tourist attractions and activities to all sorts of travelers.

In spite of its relaxed attitude and its heavenly hotels like Amara Singapore , this country still needs its visitors to stick to some entry requirements. Before going into the country, ensure that you have the most recent passport. The type of passport issued in Singapore is the Special Economic Registration (SEER). This record is required when arriving to Singapore. The SEER number and the photos of the holder are located in the home page of the passport.

Besides the normal SEER number, tourists in Singapore must also present a copy of their immunization certificates. Both important certifications are the Disease Prevention and Surveillance System (DPSS) and Family Health Insurance (FHI). The DPSS is an annual procedure and a copy of it is mandatory when applying for FHI.

Travellers need to comply with the entry requirements so as to keep in the country. Visitors that intend to work in Singapore should also register at the Employment Department of the Ministry of Manpower. By doing so, they will receive a Singapore Passport upon acceptance. On returning to Singapore after a visit abroad, you can apply for a Singapore Passport. However, before doing so, make certain that your passport details are updated. Attempting to do so may result in a serious offenses like criminal prosecution.

You could even apply for Singapore citizenship after five years of stay in the country. However, the process is time-consuming and it requires several applications and verification. Once your application is approved, you’ll be given a Government Certificate of Permanent Residence (GPender) after a further inspection. It’s important to check in advance your GPender number in addition to your citizenship status as failure to do so can result in a severe sanction.

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Meet Goa – a small state of India in its southwestern part.

Women with sari at Colva beach (Goa, India)

People say that Hippie (flower children) found here their paradise. Then in late 60s many of them settled here. They lived in communes, enjoyed the warm climate, ate local fruits and enjoyed their freedom.

Goa – a small state of India in its south-western part. Arabian Sea, whose temperature does not drop below 28 degrees year round, washes shore. The warm climate here is without extreme temperatures fluctuations. Although few have remembered who were the hippies, the mood of the place is not changed – freedom, love, joy and enjoyment of life. Of course in Goa are many attractive beaches.

There are kilometres of beaches with different kind of sand and different level of services. Here you can do yoga and meditation at sunset, receive medical treatment from the experts of Ayurveda. Additionally, you can go kite surfing, hang gliding, you can participate in the filming of Bollywood films, learn Brazilian dances. You can hear different styles of music, including the famous Goa trance direction, which originated here. Some parties may continue for days, in the clubs or on the beach.

In this atmosphere, the best place is a villa stay, like beach house in Anjuna. Staying at the villa creates a sense of privacy and comfort. Nobody violate your personal space and quiet. Additionally, you can cook in the kitchen, drinking tea in your garden with nice Tavolo da giardino con sedie and often sunbathe on its roof. In addition, the villa is ideal for a family or a close company if you are going to rent a home for more than one week.

All the beaches in Goa are property of the state. So entrance to the beaches is free. Almost all the sunbeds and umbrellas (except, of course, owned hotels) are assigned to beach restaurants. If the traveller orders something in a restaurant a sun-bed is on the beach for him for free, and the amount of the order does not really matter. The beautiful sandy beaches are not the only the dignity of Goa.

Many of the most interesting people gather here, creative people who is looking for or already have found their freedom. In Goa met different cultures – from the first European colonizers and to permanent tourists and Indian culture with his large pantheon of gods. This mix has spawned something special and beautiful. Together are Eastern brilliance, fragrance and wisdom and European sophistication. Also in Goa there are interesting sights from the times of the colonizers who included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

For example, it is interesting to visit Panaji – the capital of Goa. The town was built in Portuguese style: narrow streets, square with the church, built over the street with overhanging balconies, lots of cafes and restaurants. There are church of the Immaculate Conception, the old district Fontainhas and the Chapel of St. Sebastian. Also it will be interesting to visit the town of Mapusa , Old Goa , Margao . In Margao there are unique caves – Pandava, about which exist various mystical stories ].

In five halls of these frescoed caves there are unique inscriptions of 7th century. In addition in Goa are many beautiful Hindu temples and mosques.

Another kind of entertainment “in the style of Goa” is a market in Anjuna (from morning till sunset) and in Mapusa. Besides the actual buyers and sellers there you will find playing musicians, acting sword-swallowers, reciters and acrobats. Tourists come there from all over the coast of Goa, and sellers – from all over India.

In conclusion we can say, that in Goa you will not be bored, and many tourists don’t want to leave this place, exactly as those hippies from the ’60s. If you are looking to move somewhere like this place, you would need to put up a Real Estate for sale so you could have a new beginning.

Bike Riding

What is bike riding? Some particular points are discussed.

Bike riding is one particular process from which many persons get flat tummies and remove so many kinds of diseases from their ill body. Many persons exist in this world who used to ride the bike in their leisure time to get a tremendous amount of fun and reasonable fitness levels. Nowadays, many doctors regularly emphasize bicycles in the day-to-day life of any person suffering from cardiac diseases and other diseases easily found in modern-day men.

In addition to this, I would like to give you some points which will help you to understand the importance of using bicycles in your day to day life to become a fit person and to get all the great replacement to work again in your life. If you take biking serious and is an avid fan of the sport, you can try your luck by betting on 카지노 사이트 and try to make a living out of it.

Garden areas

Cycling is a unique process which gives you a significant amount of assistance to get a healthy body. Still, it is not that you only get fitness with the help of regular cycling in your day-to-day life, in fact, you also get some significant amount of refreshment by riding the bikes in the garden areas for areas and so on which gives you some extra positiveness which you can always use for your completion of the attic work. If you are looking to do some other type of sport, golf is a pretty easy one to begin with. What you’d pretty much need are a good set of Golf Clubs.

However, you can also use the same sort of cycles on the Highways of the town. Still, it would be best to use bicycles in the parks and Gardens areas because it will help you get all the tremendous amount of positiveness required by every modern person who regularly faces an extraordinary amount of stress.


There is no specific age to write a bicycle, and you can write the same vehicle with your own choice whenever you want to ride the bike. Usually, the age of 4 to 5 becomes able to use the same bikes, which can handle all the balance on the town’s roads. However, some exceptions are also available where some persons below the age of 5 also use the cycle very much professionally.

Many persons got great Fame and name with the help of the same riding bicycles, which is also considered great sports in the various parts of the world. Tour de France is a special tournament based upon the bicycles where you need to complete the journey power your bike racing your own feet and with no mechanical force.


You can also learn some basic riding bikes by watching some unique videos available over the YouTube channels. Many professionals regularly help all those persons who want to learn riding the bicycle. Their sound knowledge about the basics of riding the bicycle helps you to become a professional who can write a bike anywhere in the world with much perfection. These are the few things you need to understand before going out to riding the bicycle for all your great fun and fitness levels. All you need to do is buy some particular bicycles from the various local market sources with your convenience and likings.


Branding Using Eco-Friendly Promo Products

It can be tempting just to choose a product you love, but you should remember that your promotional items must be relevant for your audience and your message. Choose a product that your target customers will actually use when choosing a promotional item, such as If you want to attract the attention of your clients, gift them office products. This way, they will remember your company and its brand. Also, make sure you choose promotional gifts that appeal specifically to your target audience. Depending on your audience and message, you can even customize promotional gifts to make them even more enjoyable.

Eco-friendly promotional products

Promoting your company using eco-friendly promotional items is a great way of increasing brand awareness and reducing your company’s environmental footprint. You can increase your brand’s recognition, while simultaneously improving the image of your company and encouraging customer loyalty. To have the funds for this initiative, you might want to consider playing some fun sports betting games via


Business owners have long used promotional T-shirts to promote their products and services. They can be customized with printed slogans or embroidered logos. Aside from allowing businesses to spread the word about their brand, they also help increase their brand recognition and reputation. But they aren’t just a promotional item that can help promote a company.

USB drives

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, and more people need to access files quickly. This stress can be relieved by using branded USB drives. They offer superior retention charges, first-class usability, and uniqueness. Apart from being convenient, promotional USB drives can help businesses and organizations stand apart from the rest.


Calendars can be used to promote your brand or advertise your business. Not only will they stay with people for years to come, they will also be highly visible to a lot of potential customers. Calendars can be used in many ways as promotional products. They can be used to promote your business with funny quotes or fun facts. Calendars can be used to promote your business at a low cost, no matter what size it is.


Promotional Pens are an inexpensive, versatile and highly-useful item. They aren’t as popular as a logo-emblazoned water bottle, but people don’t throw them away. They can be associated with their brand and work for years. They can be a great way for customers to get in touch with you and increase brand awareness.

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Top 10 best tourist places in London

London is the capital and largest city of England in the world with a population 8 million of people. It is an international city of culture, fashion, politics, finance, and the top most visited city where tourists love to explore the place. The perfect backdrop for social media posts and background for random video chats like Chat Random.

It is examined for education, healthcare, finance, media, professional services, research and development, transportation, etc. Rank of United Kingdom which counts as 36th out of 300 major cities for economic. Some places are so beautiful where mostly tourists like to visit, that are given below.

  • Westminster abbey

Westminster Abbey is a significant and mainly medieval church situated just to the west of Westminster. It is famous for its religious constructed buildings in the United Kingdom; it is the traditional inauguration and burial site for English. The time was about when Henry III had agreed to reconstruct an ancient abbey in the medieval style.

  • Place of Westminster

The palace of Westminster is mainly considered the seat of parliament in the United Kingdom. The recently constructed place is longer dates from the 19th century.

The house of commons (elected members of parliament) is situated to the north of the house, and it is cover with green leather, which looks amazing.

  • St. Paul’s cathedral

It was built in the 19th century; St Paul’s Cathedral is one of the great places you can see in London. The cathedral had saved from fire when the bomb was exposed during the Second World War.

  • Trafalgar square

Trafalgar Square is a social square in the city of Westminster, central London. It originated in the 19th century; this is particular city squares in the world.

  • Tower of London

William constructed the town of London. There were lot of prisoners who were involved, and today the tower of London is one of the most popular London tourist places where outsiders’ people come first to see this.

  • London eye

It is placed in the banks of the river themes; the London eye is a tremendous. From there we can watch incredible views mostly Tourist peoples spot this place for enjoyment.

  • Buckingham palace

Buckingham palace is the main headquarter of Queen Elizabeth. In the Buckingham place the food court guard usually changed. In the middle of May and July the security guard gets change each morning and even in alternating days.

  • British museum

British museum was founded in 1753; it is a hall of human history culture and art etc. It is the first public national museum in the world.

  • Tower bridge

Tower Bridge is connected to London, over the River Thames. It also symbolises as the iconic symbol of London. The bridge exists with two towers, which are bound together at the upper level.

  • Big Ben

The Big Ben clock is old since from the past of 150 years. This clock is one of the top tourist attractions in London; it was constructed in 1858 after a bell of 16 tons. It is the biggest attraction for tourists, and mainly this clock has shown in many films.


As the above-mentioned detailed information is more than enough to understand London’s famous places where you can visit and analyze London’s real beauty. However, if you are looking for some night of fun and casinos, there’s not much to visit, so you might as well head over So whenever you think to reside in London you should watch these locations that are quite marvellous.

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If you are using your own car

If you are coming to Finland with your own car and you want to use the special parking tag for disabled persons, you should have an international license for disabled-parking. Any national license does not give the rights to special parking. However you can apply for an international disabled parking license also in any finnish police station. The parking possibilities in Finland are in general very good. The city centre of Helsinki may be a litlle crowded.


The needs of disabled persons have been taken in account in the local traffic in cities. There are over 300 buses with low floor in Finland and a half of them are in the Helsinki region. Nowadays many cities have so called Service Lines using minibuses with low floor, specially for disabled and older people; others can use these too.

More information of these Sampo- Bussi -companies can be obtained from or from Information of the local traffic in a city can be obtained from the Traffic Information Service or from the bus stations.

Several bus charter companies in different parts of the country have buses suitable for wheelchair users, the best even with toilets for disabled and hostesses to assist when You are entering or leaving the bus. Some enterprises are specialised for groups of disabled passengers. More information can be obtained from: The Union of Bus Traffic (Linja-autoliitto) tel 358-(0)9-682 701, fax 09-692 2787 email:

Kamusen Liikenne


In the Capital Region timetable and route information for all buses, trams and metro is available in the service phone tel 358-0100 111 from Monday to Friday 7.00 AM-19.00 PM, Saturday and Sunday 9.00 AM-17.00 PM. This number is chargeable. In other times there is an automaton giving information about timetables.

In the City of Helsinki are the low floor buses signed with a special colour in the timetables. In the intercity traffic (YTV) in the capital area the low floor buses are signed with the letter M. All new buses in Helsinki have low floors.

A tram with low floor can be entered with a wheelchair if the stop has a platform. In a couple of years all trams and buses in Helsinki will be accessible. In the buses there are both outside and inside buttons, which have a picture of a baby carriage. It is useful to use this button always when you move slow in the doors.

The Metro stations does not have any thresholds. The lifts are accessible and the platforms are on the same level with the trains. For visually disabled people there are timetables in braille writing. Journey Planner YTV door-to-door Journey Planner gives You advice on the best public transport connections to your destination within the Helsinki City region!

Tourist tickets in the capital area

Tourist tickets valuable for 3 or 5 days are practical for travellers who are sightseeing in the capital area.In buses and local trains only one day paper tickets are sold. 3 or 5 days tickets is available from multi-ticket machines.Paper tickets are valid fro the moment of purchase.Tourist tickets are also available as disposable contact cards.These cards becomes valid when inserting the card into the card reader at he beginning of the first trip.

Prepaid cards are sold at YTV and Helsinki City Transport service points, Kamppi Travel Centre, Stockmann Department Store and main R-kiosks. More information about tickets and fares from YTV pages:

Different Countries Tourist Place Travelling

Which country?

For a first time sex traveler, it is easiest to check the commonly known destinations from Wikipedia’s Sex tourism page. These include Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Kenya, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Colombia and Thailand.

Then it depends what kind of holiday you want and what kind of women you like. Do you like to relax or party, lay on a beach or only fuck days and nights? You need to think about the atmosphere too. In some countries you can lay back and in others you need to be secured all the time. Your holiday is easily ruined if you meet some bad girls, thieves etc.

Asian beach heaven for a first timer

For example, if you want a beach holiday and a Asian lady, I would go to Patong beach, Phuket in Thailand. There is a single walking road where all the hundreds of girls are located and at the end of the road there is a perfect beach, with jet skis and other kind of activities. There is some girl friendly luxury hotels with beds covered in bamboo sheets from so guests would feel right at home near the beach too, remember to ask how much a visitor costs you per night. Normally it’s like 1500 bahts (50$) per girl.

Ebony heaven with (mostly big) chicas

If you like black women a good place to start is Sosua in Dominican Republic. There is some nice beaches, but those beaches don’t have jet ski or other fast activities. Dominican Republic is a great place especially for people who visit or live near USA. It takes only couple hours to fly to Puerto Plata (Sosua’s airport) from Miami for example.

The night life is fucking crazy (but boring too…). I mean in the walking road (Pedro Clisante) at nights there are only working girls, drugs and guns. So just walk and you don’t even need to ask to get viagra, extacy, cocaine, weed or pussy. There isn’t any cool flashing lights or beats like in Phuket’s Bangla Road.

So you just need to sit a bar (Rumba is a good place to start), order something and wait until you see a perfect girl. Remember to wait, there are lots of girls who want your money, but you can get a quality girl only by seeking one for a long time.

The best place in Sosua is definitely La Passions. You can not find better looking girls elsewhere in Sosua. Most of the girls there are really nice too, definitely girlfriend material and quality time. Only problem is that you can not get a real girl friend experience or be with the girls many days, because they have to return to the bar at about 10 am.

But if you like some one there, you can always return for example 6 pm and pay 5 000 Dominican pesos (130$) to take the girl with you again. If you go 10 pm, taking overnight costs 3 500 pesos etc. La Passions’ manager is a great person too.

Tourist Place

Top tourist places in Egypt which everyone should know

As we all know, Egypt is famous for its ancient civilization with the world’s most famous monuments which include temples, Giza pyramids, etc. it has many tourist attractions which attract millions of people around the world like its casinos and sports arenas. Many monuments also remain along the Nile, which attracts travelers while diving along the Red Sea coast. It is mainly known for its heritage and culture and other breathtaking attractions in Egypt. If you could not travel, due to border restrictions, you can always have a feel of live sports betting and casino games at

If you get a chance to go to tourists in Egypt and travel, you must visit some places during your tour. So here we are discussing some of the top tourist places in Egypt which everyone should know.

  • Karnak temple

It is one of the best places in Egypt to visit, and it is one of the most significant religious sites in the world. The temple consists of three main temples within its area. Some are smaller enclosed temples and several outer temples named as the temple of Khons, Amun’s temple, and Tuthmosis. It is one of the involved sites that are vast in size and includes the Karnak Open Air Museum. It requires at least 2-3 hours to visit the whole complex, and it is located in Luxor.

  • Pyramids of Giza

Pyramid of Giza is also one of Egypt’s best tourist places, and it is situated in the southwestern suburbs of Cairo. It generally consists of three pyramids, and in ancient times it is one of the seven wonders of the world. It is located on the Giza Plateau, which is intact for thousands of years. The pyramid of Khufu, one of the great pyramids which are tourists via the Robber’s Tunnel. As these pyramids are built at higher elevations, Khafre’s pyramid appears to be larger, making one of Egypt’s high pyramids.

  • Aswan

It is also one of the top tourist places in Egypt, known as Aswan. It is located in the southern part of Egypt and one of the world’s most relaxing places. It is mainly known for its views of its desert dunes and the Nile river. It is nearly 900 kilometers from Cairo, and it has one of the best island named Elephantine, which is the perfect place for relaxing holidays. There are some other islands which make this offbeat attraction.

  • Egyptian museum

As we all know, Egypt has mainly known for its ancients Egyptian monuments, so the Egyptian museum is one of the top attractions situated in Cairo. This museum contains many old things, including objects like the Tomb of Tutankhamen and Mummy containing 27 Royal Mummies in a room from ancient times. There are two floors in the museum known as the ground floor and the first floor. As ground floor consists of various papyrus collection, and on the first floor, artifacts are taken from the valley of the kings.


These are some top tourist places in Egypt that everyone should know if anyone gets tourists will visit these places that are very famous in their ancient times.