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Meet Goa – a small state of India in its southwestern part.

Women with sari at Colva beach (Goa, India)

People say that Hippie (flower children) found here their paradise. Then in late 60s many of them settled here. They lived in communes, enjoyed the warm climate, ate local fruits and enjoyed their freedom.

Goa – a small state of India in its south-western part. Arabian Sea, whose temperature does not drop below 28 degrees year round, washes shore. The warm climate here is without extreme temperatures fluctuations. Although few have remembered who were the hippies, the mood of the place is not changed – freedom, love, joy and enjoyment of life. Of course in Goa are many attractive beaches.

There are kilometres of beaches with different kind of sand and different level of services. Here you can do yoga and meditation at sunset, receive medical treatment from the experts of Ayurveda. Additionally, you can go kite surfing, hang gliding, you can participate in the filming of Bollywood films, learn Brazilian dances. You can hear different styles of music, including the famous Goa trance direction, which originated here. Some parties may continue for days, in the clubs or on the beach.

In this atmosphere, the best place is a villa stay, like beach house in Anjuna. Staying at the villa creates a sense of privacy and comfort. Nobody violate your personal space and quiet. Additionally, you can cook in the kitchen, drinking tea in your garden with nice Tavolo da giardino con sedie and often sunbathe on its roof. In addition, the villa is ideal for a family or a close company if you are going to rent a home for more than one week.

All the beaches in Goa are property of the state. So entrance to the beaches is free. Almost all the sunbeds and umbrellas (except, of course, owned hotels) are assigned to beach restaurants. If the traveller orders something in a restaurant a sun-bed is on the beach for him for free, and the amount of the order does not really matter. The beautiful sandy beaches are not the only the dignity of Goa.

Many of the most interesting people gather here, creative people who is looking for or already have found their freedom. In Goa met different cultures – from the first European colonizers and to permanent tourists and Indian culture with his large pantheon of gods. This mix has spawned something special and beautiful. Together are Eastern brilliance, fragrance and wisdom and European sophistication. Also in Goa there are interesting sights from the times of the colonizers who included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

For example, it is interesting to visit Panaji – the capital of Goa. The town was built in Portuguese style: narrow streets, square with the church, built over the street with overhanging balconies, lots of cafes and restaurants. There are church of the Immaculate Conception, the old district Fontainhas and the Chapel of St. Sebastian. Also it will be interesting to visit the town of Mapusa , Old Goa , Margao . In Margao there are unique caves – Pandava, about which exist various mystical stories ].

In five halls of these frescoed caves there are unique inscriptions of 7th century. In addition in Goa are many beautiful Hindu temples and mosques.

Another kind of entertainment “in the style of Goa” is a market in Anjuna (from morning till sunset) and in Mapusa. Besides the actual buyers and sellers there you will find playing musicians, acting sword-swallowers, reciters and acrobats. Tourists come there from all over the coast of Goa, and sellers – from all over India.

In conclusion we can say, that in Goa you will not be bored, and many tourists don’t want to leave this place, exactly as those hippies from the ’60s. If you are looking to move somewhere like this place, you would need to put up a Real Estate for sale so you could have a new beginning.

Bike Riding

What is bike riding? Some particular points are discussed.

Bike riding is one particular process from which many persons get flat tummies and remove so many kinds of diseases from their ill body. Many persons exist in this world who used to ride the bike in their leisure time to get a tremendous amount of fun and reasonable fitness levels. Nowadays, many doctors regularly emphasize bicycles in the day-to-day life of any person suffering from cardiac diseases and other diseases easily found in modern-day men.

In addition to this, I would like to give you some points which will help you to understand the importance of using bicycles in your day to day life to become a fit person and to get all the great replacement to work again in your life. If you take biking serious and is an avid fan of the sport, you can try your luck by betting on 카지노 사이트 and try to make a living out of it.

Garden areas

Cycling is a unique process which gives you a significant amount of assistance to get a healthy body. Still, it is not that you only get fitness with the help of regular cycling in your day-to-day life, in fact, you also get some significant amount of refreshment by riding the bikes in the garden areas for areas and so on which gives you some extra positiveness which you can always use for your completion of the attic work. If you are looking to do some other type of sport, golf is a pretty easy one to begin with. What you’d pretty much need are a good set of Golf Clubs.

However, you can also use the same sort of cycles on the Highways of the town. Still, it would be best to use bicycles in the parks and Gardens areas because it will help you get all the tremendous amount of positiveness required by every modern person who regularly faces an extraordinary amount of stress.


There is no specific age to write a bicycle, and you can write the same vehicle with your own choice whenever you want to ride the bike. Usually, the age of 4 to 5 becomes able to use the same bikes, which can handle all the balance on the town’s roads. However, some exceptions are also available where some persons below the age of 5 also use the cycle very much professionally.

Many persons got great Fame and name with the help of the same riding bicycles, which is also considered great sports in the various parts of the world. Tour de France is a special tournament based upon the bicycles where you need to complete the journey power your bike racing your own feet and with no mechanical force.


You can also learn some basic riding bikes by watching some unique videos available over the YouTube channels. Many professionals regularly help all those persons who want to learn riding the bicycle. Their sound knowledge about the basics of riding the bicycle helps you to become a professional who can write a bike anywhere in the world with much perfection. These are the few things you need to understand before going out to riding the bicycle for all your great fun and fitness levels. All you need to do is buy some particular bicycles from the various local market sources with your convenience and likings.