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July 2020

Bike Riding

Three ways of getting good advantages with bikes!

Bikes are one specific kind of vehicle that doesn’t include any mechanical engine to move. One particular vehicle wanted a fair amount of power from your side to move the bikes from one place to another. It includes two pedals and a chain, and two tires, which helps you move the bikes with extra convenience and with less power of your legs.

There are so many useful online and offline market sources available globally, which offers a variety of bicycles to all those who wanted to get the same kind of thing according to their likings. You need to visit all the specific offline and online market sources with your laptop and mobile phone to buy the same bicycle straight away from your home with massive discounts.

Although apart from the specific things about the bikes you also need to get the things that will help you get significant advantages from the same bikes that you can’t get with the regular use of petrol cars and motorcycles.

Good for health

If you want to get a fair amount of health standards in your day-to-day life, then you must have a good time over the bikes over the specific road so the local town. In addition to that, if you need it, you should check out new jersey addiction resources. Many persons exist who face some particular diseases like cardiac disease, joint problems, muscle problems, and so on.

So you must regularly use bicycles to become a fit person and remove some elements from your body, which also affects your regular work in the multinational companies. It is not easy for every person to work correctly in the officers when facing some particular diseases. To support your health further, you might want to check the vitamins and supplements available at Canada Pharmacy. It is always advisable for you to take good advantages of the regular use of bicycles, which also helps you save your virtual money, which you always waste above the specific medical treatments.

Nice refreshment

Riding bicycles also provide you a fair amount of refreshment which you can’t get while driving heavy vehicles like cars and motorcycles. Bicycles are one particular vehicle that allows you to interact with other people on the way of your journey, where you can stop the vehicle anywhere anytime with your liking without the tension of losing fuel efficiency.

You can also gather some persons to increase your amount of fun riding bicycles on the specific roads of the local town. Riding bicycles in the group increase the tremendous amount of fun with you always Desire as a person suffering from regular stress.

No age limit

Another advantage you get with bicycles’ help is that there is no specific age limit you need to possess to become a bike rider. Almost every country allows its people to ride bicycles according to their liking and convenience, which is always a good thing for all those children who want to explore some parts of the local town almost exclusively.

Finally, I can say that all the above things give you some points of getting an advantage with bicycles in your regular life.

Different Countries Tourist Place Travelling

On Nut night market, Bangkok, and now sadly closed!


For 3 months this year I went to On Nut night market Bangkok just about every night for something to eat and for something to drink, beer that is or the occasional cocktail! Some may say, it was a bit of dump, they would be right, some may say, it was full of piss heads and they would be right! Before even thinking about going to Bangkok however, you should make sure you install a GPS tracker on yourself to keep track of your location and be safe. But On Nut night market had a character of its own, a kind of basic stripped down charm with cheap tasty food, cheap beer and local girls to chat up or meet on a date. There are lots of Bangkok Night Markets and this was one of them!

So, what was the night market, well, without stating the obvious, it was a market that opened in the evening. It was located in Bangkok’s On Nut district, opposite On Nut BTS station. some of the food stalls opened about 4pm and the bars from 5pm, the official closing time was midnight. I say the official closing time, because the latest I stopped drinking and left was 4am on a Tuesday!


The On Nut night market had been around for about 5 years in On Nut, I do vaguely remember going there in 2011 when it was an open air market. It was a bit of a dump to be honest, when it rained, it flooded, when the lights went out, the big rats come out. I have never seen so rats in one place, the furry things nearly run over my feet several times, don’t you just hate a furry rat!

Outside of the market

The cheap bar, 100 baht

The cheap bar

The cheap bar


Lets talk about beer, well, it was cheap, but there are cheaper places to get pissed in BKK. A large 660ml bottle of Leo was 110 or 100 baht, vodka/red bull 140 baht and my favourite drink was the long island iced tea fromThe Cocktail bar for 160 baht. Those long island iced teas were superb, 5 big shots of alcohol with a slight dash of coke, I still can taste them now at On Nut night market.

Food stalls

The middle bar

Food stalls

For the band


The food was pretty good too, kuay teeow gai (chicken noodle soup) was 40 baht and tasted aroi mak mak, the khao pad gai (chicken fried rice) was also aroi for 40 baht. The array of choice for food was simply fantastic, Thai, Japanese and Western dishes, all served up to midnight. I spent many a night eating at the On Nut night market, followed by lots of beer of course.

The middle bar

The middle bar

The 5 baht toilet

The clientele

How about the clientele, well, it was not like the sleazy bars of Nana or Patpong, I don’t class Cowboy as sleazy ha ha. Or even like the ex-pat bars along the Sukhumvit, these are normally filled with farang workers who have too much cash to spend on beer and birds! The typical sex-pat didn’t find much joy at On Nut night market, no naked girls for a start, although I did see a Japanese man wearing a Britney Spears “hit me baby one more time” uniform…

The cocktail bar

The cocktail bar

The cocktail bar

Food stalls

It was not a Go Go bar

So, no dancing-girls, no air con (that was a major drawback), no hookers, well, maybe a few, a disgusting 5 baht a piss toilet, not good if you have the runs using a squat toilet you know! The positive points, cheap beer and cheap food, a good mix of Thai and farang to chat to, a 10 minute walk from where I was living and next to the BTS if you fancied watching some naked ladies in Cowboy!

Food stalls

The cocktail bar

The cocktail bar

What’s next

The On Nut night market closed on Friday 17th October 2015 and my last night there was 29th July 2015, bit of a late night, drinking Leo, long island iced teas and some shots until 3.45am. There is another night market in Phra Khanong called the W District, which I never visited, so, that is something to do next time when I’m in BKK. Talad Rod Fai (the train market) is a 10 minute taxi ride from On Nut and there is about 20 bars to choose from, as opposed to On Nut night markets 4 bars, but is only open at the weekend.

Food stalls

Outside, Sukhumvit

Outside, Sukhumvit

I did meet some interesting characters at the night market, one of them I cannot mention, very dodgy indeed, but a nice chap all the same. I also used On Nut night market as a meeting point for my dates, I think I met 7 Thai girls and 1 Filipino at the On Nut night market, it pays to be a cheap charlie you know! If you know of any good night markets in Bangkok, then please let me know? It wasn’t ideal, but time moves on and the area is scheduled for a condo block or shops. It was the Best Night Market in Bangkok!

The end bit of On Nut night market

Have you visited On Nut night market before? If you have let me know what you think and comment below? Or maybe just leave a comment if you did not and you just want to say hello…