The Best Tourist Place InIndia

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Our India is known to be one of the best destinations that can meet all your expectations and dreams of travelling. The dream might be to go to Agra to see the glory of the Taj Mahal, and The royal palaceis situated in Rajasthan etc. Everyone has this dream to visit the full country that consists of different tourist places withthe speciality. This facility also attracts other people of India due to its beautiful sculptures and historical places.


The main symbol that represents our India  Taj Mahal is the best monument that inspires lots of tourists to trip to Agra every year. Every year before dawn, People want to see the magnificent structure of the radiate sunrise that takes place here. But at the top of the Agra list, there are also many visiting places in India beyond the expectations of Indians.

The city in UP is also fulfilled with many mobile monuments such as Akbar’s mausoleum,  It-up-DaulahsTomb that have marvellous marble design from top to bottom. The tourist also sees the sites of UNESCO called World Heritage present at Agra fort.

New Delhi

Despite its chaos and crowds, New Delhi always offers different tourist places that travellers love. It is known to be the colourful capital of India which is perfect and the best marriage of modernity with heritage. Old Delhi also contains many dessert attractions that include Chandnichowk, Jasma masjid, and Red Fort. But throughout this sprawling, cities can also express and explore countless sites but have their own cultural and spiritual importance.

The top tourist attraction present in New Delhi includes Humayun’s Tomb, IndiaGate, Lotus Temple, QutabMinar.


Suppose you want to see more Cosmopolitan site in India. In that case,you can visit the coastal city and energetic places of Mumbai town, the home of wealthy Entrepreneurs and many Bollywood actors. Tourist can also stay at the five-star hotels that are present in the luxurious City. Even those of the people who are having a low budget can also enjoy the Marine drive that provides a feeling of royalty with the glamorous art of the Deco building. Replaces like Sanjay Gandhi National park, Gateway of India, and thieves market are known to be the eye-catching tourist places found in this place.


Rajasthan isknown to be the land of kings where many kings and queens had their past centuries. Between its stately forts, lively festivals, and glittering places, this place of the best part deserves the best role in the trip to India. Jaipur is the capital included in the GoldenTriangle tourist circuit that also includes New Delhi and Agra. Jodhpur, the blue city, offers all the tourist equal unforgettable and the best experience on the hilltop of Meharangarh Fort. Udaipur is filled with the romance of flowers linked in the streets and city place complex where today also the royal family survives.The Arabian night fairy tale is the place Jaisalmer contains the structures of yellow sandstone and historic Havelis. Similarly, every state and every village in India contains different tourist places that always attract and impressthe people towards it that contains its natural beauty with some added Florence.

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